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    International Friendship Day And How Is It Celebrated?

    When is friendship day? When is national friendship day? How to Celebrate Friendship day? When is international friendship day? When is friendship day 2021? Well! This article clears all your queries about friendship day. Introduction  Friendship Day is a day to celebrate friendship in several countries. Initially promoted by the greeting card industry, there was […] More

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    Relaxing Music For Kids

    On special occasions, our little ones are full of energy and do not know how to stop. Often, physical activities can be a big help to wear out children, but it is noted that these may not always be enjoyable for them. Then we need other activities to reduce any hyperactivity. For this, relaxing music […] More

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    Famous Big Boss 13 Winner Sidharth Shukla Passes Away

    Actor and Big boss 13 winner Sidharth Shukladied die due to a sudden heart attack in Mumbai Cooper Hospital on 2nd September. He was 40 years old. He took some sleeping pills and did not wake in the morning. The hospital late on confirmed the news.  Sidharth was born on Friday 12 December 1980. His […] More