10 Differences Between Donald Trump And Barack Obama

1. Political Experience

Obama and Trump vary enormously with regards to the experience that the two men have had in politics. Obama was a Senator of an Illinois State from 1997 through 2004. From that point onward, he became the Senator of Illinois from 2005 to 2008. After then, he became the President of the United States. Donald Trump has positively no involvement in politics. He is the president of the Trump domain, in any case, that has nothing to do with politics. Before he discussed running for Senate a couple of times, mayor once, and he even proposed a few times that he would keep running for the President of the United States, however up to this point, he didn’t. Many media outlets recommended that these were all publicity stunts to grow his brand.

2. Individual Rights

When it comes to the privileges of the American people, Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s perspectives differ incredibly. For example, with regards to the abortion, Obama trusts that a lady has the privilege to choose. Donald Trump firmly disagrees about a woman’s right to choose. He believes that abortion ought to be illegal. With regards to legally requiring an organization to hire women and minorities as frequently as they hire men, Donald Trump opposes this idea. He trusts that organizations can procure whomever they want. Obama believes that women and minorities ought to be equivalent employees in the workplace.

With regards to same-sex marriage, Barack Obama has dependably been for it. It was during his presidency that most states made same-sex marriage lawful and he was dependably a major supporter. During much of Donald Trump’s crusade, he implied that he didn’t concur with same-sex marriage. Since being elected, he has mollified his perspectives regarding the matter. Though, he is not as supportive as Obama.

3. Domestic Issues

Like pretty much everything else, Barack Obama and Donald Trump have different perspectives with regards to domestic issues altogether. Obama does not trust that on the off chance that we hand down stricter punishments to culprits that there will be less crime. Trump believes that severer punishments will reduce crime. With regards to the absolute right to own a gun, Obama opposes this idea. He trusts that there should be restrictions. Trump differs, and he would put a firearm in each American’s hand on the off chance that he could. Obama trusts that ObamaCare helped America and Donald Trump expects to destroy it when he takes office. The only domestic that the two men concede to is that marijuana is a gateway drug.

4. Defense and International Issues

Barack Obama and Donald Trump’s Perspectives on Defense and International issues differ notably. For one thing, Obama unequivocally agrees with expanding free trade while Trump is absolutely against it. Next, Obama disagrees with expanding the military, and Donald Trump thinks that it is a good idea. With regards to fighting ISIS, Donald Trump has openly disagreed with Obama’s strategies. He guarantees that he knows more about ISIS than the generals in the military, and he trusts that radical measures should be taken.

5. Personality Characteristics

One of the greatest differences between Trump and Obama is their personalities. Barack Obama has a level head. He listens to his advisers, and he accepts their recommendation honestly. Donald Trump is a hot head. When he hears something that he doesn’t care for or approve of, he takes to Twitter in the middle of the night to give his opinions, which are frequently negative and insulting. During his crusade, he was advised commonly to stay silent and abstain from offending certain members of the American people. He didn’t listen to his advisers and did what he wanted.

6. Campaign Scandals

While Barack Obama was campaigning to be the President of the United States, it was a clean crusade. There were relatively few scandals that changed the perspectives of his supporters. Donald Trump’s campaign, then again, was brimming with scandals. He offended the father of a man who died while serving in America’s military. He wantonly insulted women and minorities. He suggested keeping Muslims out of America. At last, a few stories broke about how Donald Trump verbally and sexually assaulted women in the past. These are things that we never heard during Obama’s campaign.

7. Disclosing Tax Information

At the point when Barack Obama was running for the President of the United States, just like ever another candidate in history, he revealed his tax information for the American public’s knowledge. Donald Trump, then again, didn’t. He came up with a few excuses in regards to being audited by the IRS. Many financial and tax experts went on record expressing that unveiling his tax information would make little difference to his audit. Indeed, even with this information, Trump chose not to disclose any information.

8. Conflict of Interest

With regards to outside businesses creating a conflict of interest during their presidencies, Donald Trump and Barack Obama are altogether different. Obama put his possessions into a blind trust. This keeps an eye on that the president would sell his business, and have an independent trustee with no family ties reinvest the returns into assets. Donald Trump is declining to sell any of his assets. Rather, he is putting his adult children accountable for his realm. Many individuals see an eventual fate of issues and conflicts of interest since his grown-up kids are not viewed as independent trustees.

9. Bullying

Commonly during his campaign, Donald Trump was gotten out by politicians, the media, and the American individuals for being a bully. A bully is a name that was never used when people were talking about Barack Obama.

10. Self Image

Donald Trump has never made it a secret that he thinks very highly of himself. He has frequently inferred that he comes before all. This is something that Barack Obama has never done. If you look at the photo, you can see Barack Obama walking through the rain getting drenched, so that his wife, Michelle Obama can keep dry under the umbrella. In the photograph of Donald Trump, he is holding the umbrella over himself only, forgetting his female companion in the rain. This photo is a visual depiction of Trump’s and Obama’s perspectives of their value and the value of other individuals.

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