10 Most Expensive Liquids On The Planet That Are Almost Unlikely To Buy

What goods do you consider to be costly? Cars? Private jets? These are the sort of stuff that usually comes to mind when you’re asked to think of something costly. However, envision a situation in which somebody asks you to name a liquid that is this costly. What would you say?

In reality, the only liquid most of you will be able to think of is water, and that, as we all know, doesn’t consider costly (talking in monetary terms, obviously).

In fact, after much thought, one may even arrive at the conclusion that there aren’t many liquids which can be called costly.

However, such a conclusion would not be right. And, to confirm that, here we are with a rundown of most costly liquids found on this planet. Likewise, if you believe that alcohol is including in the rundown, you’re totally off-base! *a clean list ahead*

1. Human Blood

Blood shouldn’t cost a lot since it is moderately in wealth, correct? Honestly, that doesn’t help bring down the cost of blood by any stretch of the imagination. The cost of blood mainly relies on upon the blood group – there are a couple of types which are very uncommon, and hence are very costly.

In any case, aside from that, it’s the cost of processing which makes it so damn costly.

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