10 Rarest And Most Expensive Substances On the planet

Here, we go. You will be introduced with 10 of the most valuable substances of the world, their uses, their production procedures, their cost of production and so on.


1. Antimatter
$62.5 trillion for each gram.

The last and the most expensive substance on the planet is antimatter. Production of the tiniest amount of antimatter costs around 25 million dollars. It has used such as fuel of shuttle possibly in the future.

2. Diamond
$55000 per gram.

Diamond is used for making valuable jewelry and ornaments as well as valuable articles. It is an exceptionally rare element resembles and adored by every other individual; it is expensive. It has a crystalline structure and has a shiny appearance which makes it a standout amongst the most novel things found in the entire world.

3. Tritium
$30000 per gram.

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This is a standout amongst the most expensive gasses and is used for lightening. Production procedure of tritium is extremely tedious and thoroughly long which is the motivation behind why it is so expensive. To deliver one pound of Tritium expenses almost about $15 Million.

4. Painite
$9000 per gram.

It is just about a wiped out component or metal at this point. It is ruddy, darker and pinkish in shading which was first found in Burma in the twentieth century. It is a highly rare metal which was before utilized as trimmings as they were precious stones. This is the logic behind why it is so exorbitant.

5. Plutonium
$4000 per gram.

Plutonium is only a natural component which is radioactive in nature and silver white in shading. It has radiations in it, for example, alpha beta and gamma rays, which can bring about damage if someone comes in contact with. Plutonium has many uses such as fuel in spacecraft and also in nuclear weapons. The only reason why plutonium is so costly and exorbitant because it has many uses and is a radioactive metal.

6. Cocaine
$236 per gram.

Cocaine is likewise a standout amongst the most destructive and addictive drugs on the planet. It is sourced principally from South Africa, found in coca leaves. Cocaine is harmful and unlawful. Intake of cocaine obliterates our body organs which are obviously not the way people might want to kick the bucket.

7. Heroin
$130 per gram.

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Everyone knows heroin is harmful and is used for addictive purposes which are unlawful. Around 80% of opium utilized as a part of this drug is cultivated in Afghanistan. This medication is very costly as a result of beginning from outside areas. It is a highly damaging drug which is entirely precluded to be breathed in or in taken by other means.

8. Rhinoceros’ Horn
$110 per gram.

You will be astonished to know that rhinoceros’ horn has medicinal properties and therefore, it is a high-priced substance. It is also utilized for knife handles which are implied for show pieces and artistic purposes. Because of hunters and poachers, rhinoceroses are on the verge of extinction.

9. Gold
$56 per gram.

Gold is one of the rarest metals found on the planet. It is expensive and is loved by every woman. It is utilized for making jewelry and other items. Gold is accepted to be one of the most expensive metals. Dubai has the biggest reserves of gold.

10. Saffron
$11 per gram.

Saffron is one of the ingredients utilized in the composition of products that improve skin magnificence and generate an anti-aging effect. It is also utilized as an ingredient in cooking. It enhances the color and taste of the food to an another level. Hence saffron is one of the most loved spices ever. However, it is very expensive, making it impossible to use by normal people who don’t have that much income. The production of saffron takes a lot of time, or we can state the production procedure of saffron is tedious, yet it is a very popular spice.

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