12 Entertaining Tweets About Parenting That Are Excessively Relatable

Even through the restless nights and consistent go-go-go, turning into a parent will dependably be the most incredible thing I’ve done.

BUT…and there’s a “but” here…

It’s tough.

For instance, I have a teething 15-month-old kid and a cheeky 3-year-old young girl who are dead set on making my day as troublesome as possible.

A few days ago, I endeavored to do the straightforward errand of getting my child a dosage of Infant Advil, yet in the 10 seconds it would have taken to achieve this objective, I needed to manage an eye injury because my daughter stabbed herself with the corner of a Valentine’s Day card.

When I inquired as to whether I could take a gander at it, she screamed, “Go away!”

What’s more, that is only a 30-second snippet of my everyday life.

But as I always say, you just gotta laugh or you’ll sob endlessly.

1. He’s not wrong.


Credit:Twitter | @charliedelta7

2. It resembles the movie Groundhog Day.


Credit:Twitter | @simoncholland

3. Precisely what you want your children to see when they look at their mom.


Credit:Twitter | @Marlebean

4. They call him Poo Hand Luke.


Credit:Twitter | @DaddyJew

5. Life is a battle.


Credit:Twitter | @AmateurIdiot

6. Hello, young lady, it could happen to any of us.


Credit:Twitter | @SuburbanSnaps

7. What’s more, for us, include a 25-minute “hair rub” to the list.


Credit:Twitter | @outsmartedmommy

8. She Home Aloned herself. Excellent parent.


Credit:Twitter | @TheRealDratch

Are these beginning to hit home yet? Perused on for more exceptional cleverness and head shakes…

9. It resembles lying on your resumé…


Credit:Twitter | @PerfectPending

10. You need to remain determined. Just change your trusts and dreams to something somewhat more straightforward, so when you don’t achieve your goals, it’s no biggie.


Credit:Twitter | @MommieKnwsFresh

11. “The Evolution of Mother.”


Credit:Twitter | @maughammom

12. Always a silver lining…


Credit:Twitter | @iwearaonesie

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