15 Times Nature Got Confused

Nature is truly an extraordinary, strange thing, isn’t that so? There are cool clouds and plants and animals…and the climate! It seems like nature keeps surprising with all the more attractive and great things. It is robust and pleasant, and it’s difficult to trust we occupy the same planet. Despite the fact that nature is so mind blowing, I feel like there have been times when nature seems a little confused. That is to say, sure; perhaps there is some science stuff going on that I don’t get it. But, it’s still a little strange. What is astonishing, however, is when people can capture these strange, befuddled moments of nature.

1. These strange clouds over a mountain.

I am sure there is a superbly conventional scientific explanation for this…but go ahead; this resembles the cloud version of that one clingy friend we all have.


Credit:reddit | us885a

2. This bizarre, poor little tree.

Perhaps he got drained and attempted to put his head down for a nap…or whatever the tree proportional is.


Credit:reddit | mikemcg319

3. Whatever these are….

You were supposed to be growing adorable little flowers! Not these unpleasant laughing baby face ghost pods.


Credit:reddit | SuToLoTuS

4. These strange little wispy clouds.

Normally, minor baby tornadoes would be something I might think is adorable.


Credit:reddit | peaches62

5. This so weird!

Clearer climate behind you is never a good sign.


Credit:reddit | pushit_pushit_realgd

6. Look at this little guy go…

Apparently not the place for a plant, but he doesn’t care.


Credit:reddit | numb3r1Sp0rts_fan

7. Multicolored rainbow clouds?!

You know the film bubbles sometimes have? That’s what this looks like.


Credit:reddit | Mind_Virus

8. Lake over top of the sea?

I have officially seen it all.


Credit:reddit | pwx

9. This tree is having none of it.

It will grow where it pleases! Flawless pattern, though.


Credit:reddit | likk

10. Well, now isn’t this something!

I think about how long it took the tree to grow that tall with a car in it. Or did somebody put it there?!


Credit:reddit | bignut

11. Where do the sky end and the lake start?!

It really looks mysterious.


Credit:reddit | IsabellaCute

12. Two storms are meeting…maybe one of them needs directions.

Then again will fight over whose field it is.


Credit:reddit | malleeman

13. Is it nighttime or daytime?

Imagine getting a photograph like this where it is precisely half and a half!


Credit:reddit | [deleted]

14. Dogs allowed in the park?!

Thank you, sign!


Credit:reddit | PM_me_ur_weird_gifs

15. A forever living banana.

Part of me needs to know the key to this banana’s youth, but on the other hand, I’m afraid of what the mystery could be.


Credit:reddit | nebafricat


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