16 New And Improved Names For Random Stuff

Someone call the dictionary people because there’s going to be some significant changes. For a long time, random objects have been stuck with boring, illogical names, but no more! We’ve heard your screams, and we’ve searched the interweb, and we are authoritatively giving 16 things the new and enhanced fun names they deserve! Take that, naysayers!

Do you and your mates have a better name for something? Let us know in the Comments!

1. Who desires to roll around on grass when you can roll around on earth fur!

1 copy

Credit: Injechs

2. Like you utilize it for something else?

2 copy


3. Lifejacket? Pfft. Rhyme accomplished!

4. This needs to become a reality.

5. Pick your fave! Both are better than the volcano!

6. It just makes sense.

6 copy


7. Water, electricity — they’re both currents!

7 copy


8. Surely, straw is simple, however, suck stick? Quite a lot more fun.


9. Okay, this one’s a stretch, we admit it.

9 copy


10. Icicle isn’t terrible, however, sparkling carrot just adds somewhat more enchantment to the season.


11. Gloves + Stove = Glovens. Simple economics.


12. Who needs to go boatercycling? ME!


13. Pacifier sounds too… nice. Once in a while, you simply need them to put a cork in it.


14. Pass me a tissue? Not a chance. Slip me a sneeze paper!

14 copy



15. Mooo!

15 copy



16. Handheld darkness eliminator? Truly?

16 copy



Perhaps some of these aren’t improvements…

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