11 Incredibly Strict Rules That Princesses Need To Follow

I believe it’s quite normal for little children to dream of growing up to become a sovereign or princess. Considering what number of Disney films include royal families, it just bodes well that more than a few kids grow up with such desires. In any case, did you realize that being a princess isn’t actually as charming as it might sound? Without a doubt, Kate Middleton and Princess Diana continually look upbeat in their photographs. However, there are actually a lot of strict rules and traditions that princesses need to hold fast to.

Here are some of those principles.


We tend to surmise that being a princess would be something along the lines of this.

Bedding surfing sleep parties? Yes, please.

Furthermore, we ooo and ahhh over the dazzling wardrobes.

Furthermore, feel that they have heaps of fancy parties like this.



This is the thing that we envision, correct? But, the fact of the matter is altogether different.

Rule #1 – You must live by the Queen’s household rules.

In the British Royal Family, the Queen decides all the important rules. For example, did you realize that you need to stop eating when the Queen finishes her meal? It doesn’t matter if you have food left!



Rule #2 – No nicknames.

The truth is out; you shed yourself of any childish nicknames before taking the crown.



Rule #3 – You may not vote.

In fact, it’s legal to vote. However, this would be considered unconstitutional.


Rule #4 – You may not run for political office

Again, this would be considered unconstitutional.



Rule #5 – You must be well-groomed.

You actually must be dressed to the nines 24 hours a day.


Rule #6 – You must be as charitable as possible.

Most princesses are entrusted with finding no less than maybe a couple causes to support as much as possible. Many make their own charities as well!



Rule #7 – You need to learn as many languages as possible.

This is so that when they visit different nations, they can have basic conversations with the members of other nations’ royal families.



Rule #8 – You can’t play Monopoly.

This isn’t for a laugh. Prince Andrew, Duke of York, in 2008, said the Imperial Family wasn’t permitted to play Monopoly as a result of how horrendous the competition gets.



Rule #9 – You cannot eat shellfish.

This is a direct result of a common royal fear of getting food poisoning. Their timetables are too occupied to be in any way kept down by food poisoning!



Rule #10 – You quit any career you may have had before becoming a princess.

Being a princess is a full-time job.


Rule #11 – In the British Royal Family, princesses who were former commoners may never arrive at an occasion before a blood princess.

This rule changes, but if they are with their mate. For example, Kate Middleton could never be permitted to enter an occasion before Princess Anne UNLESS she is with her life partner, King William.




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